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Floors For Less is an exciting warehouse store specializing in Luxury Vinyl, Laminates, Engineered Hardwoods, Tile, and other quality flooring products… at significantly lower prices.

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Floors For LessLuxury vinyl is durable, waterproof flooring that has the look of hardwood or stone without the hefty price tag. Also referred to as LVT/LVP, luxury vinyl is made up of multiple layers that aid in the design, durability, and ease of maintenance of this wonderful flooring choice.

Laminate flooring (also called floating wood tile in the United States) is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates wood (or sometimes stone) with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer.

 Engineered hardwood flooring is made of layers of wood, bonded together with adhesives under intense heat and pressure. Because of this process, engineered hardwood flooring isn’t affected by humidity as much as hardwood.

A tile is usually square or rectangular in shape. Tile is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, or even glass, generally used for covering floors, walls, or other objects such as tables.

We only ship to some places in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada at this time.