Stain Removal Tips for Laminate Flooring

While laminate floors are usually stain resistant, there are some stubborn stains where you might have to provide special treatment. Here are the most common tough stains and how to deal with them:

* Blood – Spray stained area with window cleaner and then wipe with a damp cloth.
* Chewing gum – Use a plastic knife to remove excess gum, then rub the residue with soft cloth that has been dampened with Acetone.
* Crayon marks – Use a soft cloth dampened with Acetone, and rub. If this does not lift the stain, apply toothpaste and then rub with a dry cloth.
* Grease – Apply an ice pack until the grease becomes hard, then you gently scrape with plastic spoon or butter knife. Remaining residue should wipe away with a couple of squirts of window cleaner.
* Heel Marks & Scuffs –Use a pencil eraser to rub the marks.
* Ink – Take a rag and damp with warm water and detergent and rub. If that doesn’t work try using a commercial ink remover designed for laminate flooring.
* Liquor – Dampen your cloth with warm water and detergent, then rub the spot.
* Nail polish – Use a small mesh pad. Work in with Acetone. Be careful that you do not rub too hard as it may scratch the finish.

These tips should be helpful for removing stains from your floor.

Understanding the different types of carpet styles

Here are a number of different types of carpets on the market and knowing which to pick can be a bit daunting, so let’s break it
down in an easy to understand format.

Textured Carpets

* This is the most versatile cut-pile carpet
* The textured surface helps to hide footprints and vacuum marks
* It can add casual beauty to any room
* Textured carpeting looks great between vacuuming
* This is one of the preferred styles for busy households

Saxony Carpets

* Offers a refined cut-pile surface
* Luxuriously smooth and soft finish
* Beautiful with traditional interiors
* Will add distinctive elegance to a room
* Great for the living room or dining room
* Shows subtle highlights and accents

Cut Pile Berber Carpets

* A wool-like look and rugged loop surface
* Appearance creates a warm atmosphere
* Tight loop texture helps to hide footprints and vacuum marks
* Subtle patterns will fit different room styles
* Ideal choice for contemporary to cottage furnishings

Loop Carpets

* The versatile styles blend easily with every décor
* Durable long-wearing surface pile is perfect for high traffic areas
* Interesting color choices suitable for professional to practical installations
* The textured surface provides subtle highlights

Cut Loop Carpet

* There are carved definitions with cut-and-loop pile
* Accent colors will spice up floor surfaces
* Multi color effect helps to hide stains and dirt
* Looks excellent between vacuuming
* Choose from soft tones to bolder color combinations

Now that you have some basics about the different types of carpets come in and talk to our helpful staff.