Early Home Show

Well it’s that time off year again to get out and check out what’s new in the home renovation market. We will be there to show the newest in 2014 flooring. Come out and join us and ask a few questions and be informed about all your flooring choices. And when your ready come visit us at the store for great service and the best prices on Vancouver Island.

The home show is held at Beban Park Auditorium 2300 Bowen Road Nanaimo  January 17th (5pm-9pm); 18th (9:30-5:30) ; 19th (10-4)

Were looking forward to having the opportunity to see you all there !

How to clean and maintain your new carpet

Tips for Cleaning Stains on Your Carpet

* Clean up spills as soon as possible: scrape, scoop, or blot using a white tissue
* When cleaning a spot work from the edge of the spot inwards.
* Apply small quantities of spot remover at a time and work it into the spot with a sponge, small brush, or cloth.
* If you used a water based spotter, rinse the spot afterward
* If you can, dry the spot with a hair dryer do so brushing cut pile carpets in the natural pile lay direction of the natural pile lay.

* Do not rub the pile because it will cause fuzzing and/or lightening of the color.
* Do not pour white wine on a red wine spill!  Instead, use a little water instead, then blot it up as soon as possible.
* Do not pour salt on a liquid spillage: This will just make a strong salt solution and this can permanently change the color of some dyes.
* Do not use detergents such as dish washing liquids or other cleaners recommended for general household use. They can clean your carpet they
will can cause problems such as faster re-soiling, color bleeding or damage to the backing of the carpet, or even pile damage.

There are three common methods recommended for handling stains. If the first attempt isn’t a complete success, there is a follow up method,
but always blot excess liquid and allow to dry between steps.

Method A

Blot with clean, white absorbent material. When the excess liquid is removed, use a solution that is made up of one teaspoon of detergent for
washing woolens to a half a pint of warm water. Sponge gently and rinse with clean, warm water. Blot thoroughly and gently brush in its natural direction.

Method B

Sponge the stain with a household dry-cleaning fluid following the maker’s instructions. Never soak. Open the windows and the air the room thoroughly.

Method C

Sponge gently with a solution of one part white vinegar to three parts of clean warm water. Leave for 15 minutes, and then sponge with clean warm water.
Blot thoroughly and gently brush the pile to its natural direction.

Industry Suggestions for Cleaning

* Animal and Baby Accidents – Method A
* Ball Point Pen – Sponge with methylated spirits, followed by Method A
* Beers, Wines and Spirits – Method A
* Bleach – Method A
* Blood – Method B, followed by Method A
* Butter – Method B, followed by Method A
* Chewing Gum – Apply a freezing agent and break away gum when hard, followed by Method B
* Chocolate – Scrape off excess, followed by Method A
* Cola (Soft drinks) – Method C, followed by Method A
* Cooking Oil – Method B
* Cosmetics and Lipstick – Method B, if unsuccessful try Method A
* Cream – Method B, followed by Method A
* Egg – Method A
* Floor Wax – Method B
* Fruit Juice – Method C, followed by Method A
* Furniture and Shoe Polish – Method B, followed by Method A
* Gravy and Sauces – Method C, followed by Method A
* Grease and Oil – Method B, followed by Method A
* Ink (fountain pen) – Method C, followed by method A
* Mineral & Tonic Water – Method A
* Milk – Method C, followed by Method A
* Mustard – Method A
* Metal Polish – Method B, followed by Method A
* Nail Polish – Dab with nail polish remover, followed by Method B
* Paint (Emulsion) – Blot excess, apply Method C, followed by Method A
* Paint (Oil Based) – Dab with white spirit or turpentine, followed by Method B
* Rust – Method B, followed by Method A
* Salad Dressing – Method A, followed by Method B
* Soot – Vacuum thoroughly, followed by method A
* Tar – Method B. If necessary follow by dabbing with eucalyptus oil
* Tea and Coffee – Method C, followed by Method A
* Tomato Juice – Method A
* Urine – Method A
* Vomit – Method A
* Wax – Scrape off excess, iron at a low temperature over brown paper, finally apply Method B

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is an important part in the life expectancy of your carpet. Most manufacture require that you keep proof that it has been done proffesionally
ever 6 months to 2 years. Check with your carpet supplier to make sure what your requirements are for your particular carpet. Although home steam cleaners
are helpfull in upkeep they may not be accepted as part of your carpet’s warranty; so making sure of your specific requirements to maintain it’s long life and
warranty are an important consideration.


Vacuuming is the most important aspect of carpet care. It needs to start from the moment the carpet is fitted. Vacuum daily with a well serviced upright cleaner,
which will remove the dirt and grit that will prevent it from collecting and acting as an abrasive, causing premature wear.

Concentrate on any of the areas that are likely to get the most wear, such as on stairs. Loop pile carpets should be cleaned with a suction head. Beater bars
could catch the fibers and give the carpet a hairy appearance.

Wear Prevention

* There are a number of precautions to reduce wear and tear.
* Changing the furniture positions regularly to equalize the wear.
* Provide an extra length of carpet at the top and bottom for shifting.
* Using a mat near outside doors to catch dirt.
* Outdoor shoes and trainers can tear at the pile, particularly in turning areas and on stairs


* To give carpets their smooth level surface, manufacturers use a shearing process. Sometimes the carpet tufts may be missed and these can work their way to the surface.
Pets can also snag or pull the tufts. You should never pull a tuft, instead use a sharp pair of scissors to cut it off level.

* It is normal for all newly fitted carpets to shed some and it will diminish naturally in a few weeks. Just vacuum regularly to pickup the fluff.

Visible Bands

When carpets are stored in warehouse racks, there is considerable pressure. This can cause crush lines that become visible when the carpet is unrolled and can be
more noticeable on the lighter shades. This is normal. Within a couple weeks the lines will dissappear.

Shading and Pile Pressure

Through use and over time, all carpets will flatten somewhat. Cut pile carpets tend to show what’s called pile pressure.  A light, plain carpet is more likely to show
greater shading than a darker, heavily patterned carpet.
Daily vacuuming may help to restore a more uniform color. Vacuum against the natural lay of the pile, which will lift the tufts upright again. Use castor cups under heavy
furniture spreads the weight over a larger area and will minimize dents in the carpet’s surface.

Stain Removal Tips for Laminate Flooring

While laminate floors are usually stain resistant, there are some stubborn stains where you might have to provide special treatment. Here are the most common tough stains and how to deal with them:

* Blood – Spray stained area with window cleaner and then wipe with a damp cloth.
* Chewing gum – Use a plastic knife to remove excess gum, then rub the residue with soft cloth that has been dampened with Acetone.
* Crayon marks – Use a soft cloth dampened with Acetone, and rub. If this does not lift the stain, apply toothpaste and then rub with a dry cloth.
* Grease – Apply an ice pack until the grease becomes hard, then you gently scrape with plastic spoon or butter knife. Remaining residue should wipe away with a couple of squirts of window cleaner.
* Heel Marks & Scuffs –Use a pencil eraser to rub the marks.
* Ink – Take a rag and damp with warm water and detergent and rub. If that doesn’t work try using a commercial ink remover designed for laminate flooring.
* Liquor – Dampen your cloth with warm water and detergent, then rub the spot.
* Nail polish – Use a small mesh pad. Work in with Acetone. Be careful that you do not rub too hard as it may scratch the finish.

These tips should be helpful for removing stains from your floor.


Well – we’re finally here. We have launched our new website, and we are so excited to be inviting all of you to come explore everything it has to offer. We are also adding our blog where we will be sharing ideas on flooring for your home, installation information, introducing new products, how to, and just about anything else related to making your home the home you dream of.

For example, right now we’ve been spending some time promoting vinyl planks. That’s because this is the hottest selling flooring on the market right now – not just here, but everywhere. If you are wondering why, have a look at it – looks like beautiful wood, but it’s so easy to install and maintain, and it’s a fraction of the price.

We take great pride in being Vancouver Island’s laminate superstore – our name Floors for Less isn’t an accident. That’s exactly what our focus is – bringing you beautiful flooring for less. Our team has been working hard to bring you the best products and service on Vancouver Island. If you’ve had a good experience, we would love it if you shared it on Facebook or Twitter. And of course, if you ever have a problem you need to talk to us – we will work with you to make it right.

Our web developer has been busy building us a new website that’s going to be easier for you to navigate and more user friendly. If you would like to see something added drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do. If there are topics you’d like to see covered in the blog let us know, we’ll do our best to accommodate that.

Whether you are building a brand new home or renovating your existing home – it’s exciting! The anticipation to seeing the vision in your head become a realty is so rewarding. However, sometimes choosing the best flooring can be a daunting task – come talk to us, we’ll help you make the right choice – we’ll tell you the good and bad about various flooring, where it works best, installation, and cost. We’ll show you where the best value is and we’ll help you compare products. We spend a great deal of time staying on top of new products and we are very knowledgeable in all the products we carry. That means you can relax – we aren’t just here to sell you something, we’re here to help you create the room you’ve been thinking about.

Oh yes, we are also starting a newsletter, so be sure to sign up if you’d like to stay in touch and hear about new products, specials, and more.

So thanks for stopping by and having a read. Be sure to check back often, and explore our new website. We look forward to your feedback.

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