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12mm Eurostyle “Boulder Oak” Laminate



Price per sq.ft.



Box size: 15.93 sq. ft.


Matt surface finishes with a light brushwood grain texture where the embossed texture is synchronized with the grain that appears on the decor.

+ Diamond Gloss

The high-quality structure with the exclusive Diamond Gloss effect is characterized by a brushed, matt surface with glistening synchronized wood pores, which reflect the light differently as you move around the floor. The gloss effect emphasizes the depth of the structure and illustrates the character of natural wood perfectly.

25 Years Residential Warranty and 5 Years Commercial Warranty

All EUROSTYLE® laminate floors are put through a series of rigorous tests in order to comply with international quality standards, which is why we grant an extensive guarantee with every product. You can rest assured that, whatever range you choose, it’s going to be easy to maintain and will give you enjoyment for many years to come.

Class 23 – For heavy residential usage.

Class 32 – For standard commercial usage.

12mm High-Density Fiberboard with Integrated Aqua Stop System

High quality impregnated HDF substrate provides maximum protection against swelling from moisture.

4-sided bevel edges (both long sides and short sides)

We know that keeping your floor as clean as possible will be important to you and that means minimizing the risk from germs. We can’t see germs, but we all know the problems they can cause if left unchecked. Allergies can be aggravated and illness can result, which is why EUROSTYLE® has introduced A.B.C., Anti Bacterial Coating that does not allow for germs to grow on your flooring.







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