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8mm AC5 Binyl “Fairland Oak” Laminate



Price per sq.ft.




Box size: 23.89 sq.ft.


BinylPRO  Moisture Defense Technology makes it a sure bet when it comes to everyday mishaps. You no longer have to worry about your floor, for example, you spill a drink or cause minor water spillage. The extremely rugged surface with an AC5 durability rating (EN 13329) withstands the demands of everyday life and more. 100% Made in Germany.


BinylPRO Floor is CO2-neutral because manufacturing O.R.C.A. releases even less CO2 than was stored by the tree.

Our O.R.C.A. Board consists of components based solely on biological raw materials and organic chemical binding agents (synthetic resins) and thus is organic**.


BinylPRO flooring contains no PVC and no softeners. It has been certified with the well-known “Blue Angel” ecolabel and recognized by the Cologne eco-INSTITUT. BinylPRO also has the highest indoor air quality certification: A+*.




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