Understanding the different types of carpet styles

Here are a number of different types of carpets on the market and knowing which to pick can be a bit daunting, so let’s break it
down in an easy to understand format.

Textured Carpets

* This is the most versatile cut-pile carpet
* The textured surface helps to hide footprints and vacuum marks
* It can add casual beauty to any room
* Textured carpeting looks great between vacuuming
* This is one of the preferred styles for busy households

Saxony Carpets

* Offers a refined cut-pile surface
* Luxuriously smooth and soft finish
* Beautiful with traditional interiors
* Will add distinctive elegance to a room
* Great for the living room or dining room
* Shows subtle highlights and accents

Cut Pile Berber Carpets

* A wool-like look and rugged loop surface
* Appearance creates a warm atmosphere
* Tight loop texture helps to hide footprints and vacuum marks
* Subtle patterns will fit different room styles
* Ideal choice for contemporary to cottage furnishings

Loop Carpets

* The versatile styles blend easily with every décor
* Durable long-wearing surface pile is perfect for high traffic areas
* Interesting color choices suitable for professional to practical installations
* The textured surface provides subtle highlights

Cut Loop Carpet

* There are carved definitions with cut-and-loop pile
* Accent colors will spice up floor surfaces
* Multi color effect helps to hide stains and dirt
* Looks excellent between vacuuming
* Choose from soft tones to bolder color combinations

Now that you have some basics about the different types of carpets come in and talk to our helpful staff.